We can do home additions with your interests in mind.

We offer home addition services with the expertise and resources to remodel your house entirely through building an addition at front or back of the house or to add the second floor to your bungalow house. Here are some examples of what you can achieve by remodeling your house:

  • Build the second floor on top of your bungalow house
  • Build an addition to acquire more bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Bigger kitchen with an open concept, through an addition or wall removal
  • Build on top of the garage, perfect for master bedroom and spa bathroom

Having a house that has a beautiful ambiance is a dream cherished by many. A Home Renovation restores the atmosphere and gives a fresh look to your home. It is also an excellent opportunity to repair and replace the wear and tear that occurred over time, change the wall colors, modify the interior space planning arrangement, and restyle your home. At Turneround Construction, we are a fully-integrated team. With a commitment to single-point accountability that will save you time and money and ensure a clear communication line to the team in-charge of your home development.